Cryptic #37: How Time Flies

My Thirty-Seventh Crossword Hello.  Sorry for the lack of output - despite my best efforts, I still often face a lot of work. Anyway, this puzzle is dedicated to a few wonderful people, and one solid gold legend in particular, without whom I'd not be nearly as into cryptics as I am now, and I wouldn't know so many of the aforementioned wonderful people. To this community, and its founder in particular, thank you. (The bloke in question is based  here  and here .) Have fun! - GAIS, 12/11/22

Cryptic #36: Alive in Arizona

My Thirty-Sixth Crossword Hello everyone. Now, it really has  been a while since my last cryptic - over 4 months! -, for which I can only apologise.  But I decided I should put out another one before my 2nd anniversary tomorrow, to make it 12 in one year. I'm not sure how regularly I'll be posting after this - school this year has been really hectic so far. Thanks to Jack H Keynes for test solving. Have fun! - GAIS, 25/09/22

Tidbits #5: A Bit of Printer's Devilry

  Long time no see! I said I'd release a different sort of puzzle after every 7th cryptic, and I was struggling for a while trying to think of what to do. But then I discovered the Printer's Devilry grid, thanks to  Jack Keynes  and  TeamCrazyMatt , and my problem was solved. They're a lot of fun to do, as well as bloody difficult (for me). The clues in this one are far from world-class, but they all work, I think. Hopefully I'll have another grid out in less than two weeks, before my 2nd anniversary... but we'll see, as the first week back at school has been INTENSE. Thanks to Jack Keynes, MentalPlayground and Liari for testing this one. Have fun! - GAIS, 11/09/22

Cryptic #35: Vowel Club Sandwich

My Thirty-Fifth Crossword Hello everyone. I apologise for my newfound lack of output. I've had a lot of work, and not so much time to be crypto-cruciverbal (which has every vowel). #36 has been grud, but I'm not sure how it will work. Don't expect anything too soon. Thanks to Jack Keynes for test-solving. Also, for the first time in probably a fair while, there are no Words ™  in this grid, I reckon. Clues are of middling difficulty, I hope. Have fun! - GAIS, 11/05/22

Cryptic #34: A Dish Best Served Lukewarm

My Thirty-Fourth Crossword No, it's not mashed potatoes. It's another GAIS crossword. As 34 is not a multiple of 3, this crossword doesn't have a theme that requires you to change clues or answers. But it does have a gimmick which I think is very fun, and for which others will probably start to hate me. Otherwise, I'm very proud of some of the clues here. They were a lot of fun to put together. And aside from the, erm, schtick, I don't think they're terribly difficult, as they have been in other recent grids. Thank you to Jack Keynes for test-solving. Next Friday is a special day, and in commemoration, I will have a crossword out on MyCrossword : the best grid I've ever written, according to Mental Playground, so watch that space.   Have fun! - GAIS, 09/04/22

Cryptic #33: How Peculiar

  My Thirty-Third Crossword Hello everyone. It's been over a month, for which I can only apologise. I've had a fair amount of schoolwork to do, resulting in cluing sessions' being few and far between.  On January the 13th of this year, a most peculiar occurrence happened to me, and as soon as I got home, I decided to make a grid about it. I dillied and dallied over whether or not to make it a themer, and if so, how, but after two and a half months, the grid is finally here. Also, on my 17.5th birthday (this Tuesday), I caught coronavirus. So I've got that going for me, which is nice. Thank you to Jack Keynes and Agnijo Banerjee for test-solving, and also to Jack for providing me with a passable clue for 25-across. Have fun! - GAIS, 31/03/22

Cryptic #32: A Grid Most Unaffordable

  My Thirty-Second Crossword Hello everyone. It's a special day in America today. If you're unsure as to what, solve this puzzle to find out. Many thanks to Mental Playground and Jack H Keynes for testing. Have fun! - GAIS, 21/02/22